Fragrance therapy

The true essence of fragrance therapy, taking the initiative in fragrance in my space

There has never been a time when I was able to express my emotions as much as I do in this day and age. I was taught that it was polite not to show my emotions as they really are, and not being swayed by the emotions of the moment was considered the art of life. Of course, there are still many people who say that this is the correct answer. However, voices such as ‘It is important to express yourself honestly’ and ‘You will get sick if you just press down on your emotions’ are also growing quite a bit. But ironically, more people than ever suffer from heart problems such as depression, panic disorder and burnout.

Responding with a smile even if you are humiliated by a customer, having to work as if nothing happened even when you are mentally and physically weak, and having to sleep in a sheltered place even when the atmosphere in the house is dark. The principle of efficiency of focusing only on what’s important, but turning off the emotional switch for all other trivial things, would have kept us from tampering with our emotions. Even if you express your feelings frankly without suppressing them, the method is highly likely to be incomplete.

In this case, even if you take a day off and recharge, depression comes periodically, and if you want to overcome it through yoga and meditation but do not have the motivation to do so, aroma therapy, which you can easily do in your daily life, can be an alternative. Scent is invisible and invisible, but it is the fastest and most powerful way to change the feeling of a space by reminding you of a forgotten past with a familiar scent. Taking a break or vacation takes at least several hours, but a second is enough for the scent.

Just a few years ago, scents were only used as a way to create an image of yourself to others. So, perfumes on the market, including luxury perfumes, were full of the feeling of being decorated. But not now. It also imposes the desired scent on my space just for me. There are also people who use different scents for each space, such as a refreshing scent in the study room and a cozy scent in the bedroom. Furthermore, some masters appeared who used the right scent at the right time to express the desired atmosphere.

Shin Jae-in, CEO of KiOK, who is called a domestic perfume authority, said, “The sense of smell is the most closely connected to memory, and it is quite possible to complete the desired atmosphere through fragrance. People who already enjoy fragrance therapy in their daily life have several perfumes that can bring out the atmosphere they like and use them in the right place.’ He added, “In order to use sweet perfume frequently, it is necessary to accurately check the quality of the perfume’s ingredients.”

Meanwhile, the brand KiOK has collaborated with Naver and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Lee Kun-hee’s collection, and recently launched <5 types of house perfume from the Gypsy Collection> with the concept of ‘Recall the moment you want with memory (KiOK)’. This is suitable for an introduction to perfume therapy as you can create your own scent by layering several scents. Five types of house perfume from the Gypsy Collection will be available at The Hyundai Seoul B-Clean store from the 18th.