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Hello! Thanks for your interest in Aviator Camera Gear. On this page you’ll find information about our products, zip files with high res or web res images, and also links to promotional videos for our products that can be streamed on your site.

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The Rocket Travel Slider / Dolly

The Rocket Travel Slider gives you super-smooth, professional dolly shots up to 10 feet long anywhere in the world, and it sets up in minutes!

The Rocket Base Kit weighs just 3 ½ lbs. (supporting loads up to 45 lbs!) and compacts down into a deluxe padded case about the size of a shoe box. It easily supports high-end pro cameras like the Epic, Sony F55, HDSLR’s, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and more – even a fully-rigged Aviator Travel Jib.

Thanks to custom wheels made from a proprietary blend of polymers, The Rocket works great with EMT pipe available at most hardware stores. 10 feet costs just $6.49 at my local store. So if you need a 2-foot, 3-foot, or 5-foot slider, just buy one pipe for $6.49 and have the store cut it for you. You’re no longer tied to one size slider. Want a beautiful 10 foot slider shot? $13 gets a set of tracks and a shot you could only get with dollies costing thousands of dollars.

If you’re flying to a location just bring along the base kit. Once you land, stop at the local hardware store and for a couple of dollars you are good to go. No more lugging tons of gear and paying oversize baggage fees.

Or grab and go with The Rocket Travel Tracks. At just over 2lbs, this nearly 6-foot-long set of carbon fiber rails (available separately) compacts down to just 24 inches. And it includes a high-end padded bag. Remote locations, or just across town, The Rocket is always there.

The Rocket works great all on its own. But add The Aviator Travel jib and get amazing, high-production dolly jib shots from gear that fits in a backpack and sets up in minutes!

The Rocket is the world’s first & only elevated dolly (camera slider) that is designed from the ground up to work with The Aviator Travel Jib.

The Rocket also works great with inexpensive, open-source hardware that’s already available from various companies.

The Rocket Base Kit includes a deluxe padded bag, bar ends, bubble levels, rocket sled with monitor mounts & custom wheels, center support for long runs, and Landing Gear for ground shots, table spots, and more.  It is currently available for pre-order at KICKSTARTER

The Aviator Travel Jib

The Aviator Travel Jib is the lightest and most compact professional jib in the world. It compacts down to 24 inches, extends to 6 feet, weighs just 2 ¾ pounds – supporting cameras up to 7.5lbs! (carbon fiber model). And it sets up in under a minute. That makes it the perfect camera motion accessory whether you’re shooting on the other side of town or the other side of the world. Use it to shoot weddings, extreme sports, documentaries, indie films, music videos, real estate, travel, commercials, corporate, and more to dramatically raise your production value.

The Aviator kit features technology by world renowned tripod makers 3 Legged Thing and comes complete with a fluid pan base, high end padded bag, mounting hardware, bubble levels, monitor/accessory mounting ports, and ballast bag. Thanks to the included fluid pan base, The Aviator works great with any photo or video tripod rated to support 17lbs or more.

For the budget filmmaker we offer the same professional features and included accessories in a mag alloy version that weighs less than 3 ¾ pounds and supports cameras up to 6.5lbs.

Both the carbon fiber and mag alloy kits are in stock. Orders placed before noon Pacific time usually ship the same day. They are also available at retail outlets in the US and around the world.

Aviator Camera Gear

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