Indian Himalaya with the Rocket and Travel Jib

Michael Snyder from Interdependent Pictures – a production company that specializes in creating films to help socially conscious organizations tell their stories – sent over this film he shot with Aviator Camera Gear.

Mike recently used the Aviator Travel Jib and Red Rocket Slider while filming a documentary in the Indian Himalaya. The project called for a one-man production and long days of hiking through steep terrain in a variety of weather conditions. “I found the Aviator gear to be excellently designed for the task. Both the jib and the slider fit comfortably within the backpack (a F-Stop Satori). Both pieces of gear were lightweight, quick to set up and functioned well even in adverse conditions… wind, snow, rain and heat. The build quality on both items is superb and after several weeks of heavy use, I see hardly any sign of wear. I am impressed with the footage and will certainly be using these on my next adventure production.”

Even though the airline lost his set of Travel Tracks, he wasn’t stranded. Thanks to the Rocket’s ability to work with various diameters and types of track, Mike and his mountain guide, Ravi, were able to find pipes in the small mountain town of Dharamsala.

A big thanks to Mike for sharing his work and story with us!

 Himalayas Aviator Travel Jib

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