Indian Himalaya with the Rocket and Travel Jib

Michael Snyder from Interdependent Pictures - a production company that specializes in creating films to help socially conscious organizations tell their stories - sent over this film he shot with Aviator Camera Gear. Mike recently used the Aviator Travel Jib and Red Rocket Slider while filming a documentary in the Indian Himalaya. The project called for a one-man production and long days of hiking through steep terrain in a variety of weather conditions. "I found the Aviator gear to be excellently designed for the task. Both the jib and the slider fit comfortably within the backpack (a F-Stop Satori). Both pieces of gear were lightweight, quick to set up and functioned well even in adverse conditions... wind, snow, rain and heat. The build quality on both items is superb and after several weeks of heavy use, I see hardly any sign of wear. I am impressed with the footage and will certainly be using these on my next adventure production." Even though the airline lost his set of Travel Tracks, he wasn't stranded. Thanks to the Rocket's ability to work with various diameters and types of track, Mike and his mountain guide, Ravi, were able to find pipes in the small mountain town of Dharamsala. A big thanks to Mike for sharing his work and story with us!   Share your work with us! Get in touch through our contact page.

Great Travel Filmmaking with Russ Roca

Russ Roca from packs all his film making gear onto his bicycle and rides out. If he can’t carry it or strap it to his bike, it doesn’t make the trip. That's why, when he rides out to get great travel films he always takes his Aviator Travel Jib along for the ride. Watch the pro results he can pull of with travel friendly, lightweight gear. Austin House Cafe from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek of our New Project

We're about to launch a 6 episode web series for filmmakers. It's free and on Youtube. Here's the link so you can can get a sneak peek of episode one. I hope you like it!   Here's the idea behind the series: I'm frequently asked for advice about gear and it tends to be the same general gear questions over and over. The internet is overflowing with information, too much information, and I realized that beginners and even working filmmakers don't have a simple, clear, unified source to quickly obtain a concise, general overview of why they would use one type of gear or another for a specific situation. You know, the kind of information you could get by asking a buddy who's been in the business a long time. That's why I've produced the video series: "The Gear Dictionary" Check back each week for a new episode. Cheers, Zeke  

The Travel Jib That Pays For Itself

Doug White from Prairie Glen Productions sent in these fun videos he shot with the Aviator Travel Jib. Check it out below. Doug said, "The quality in the movement of the aviator jib speaks for itself. The aviator has more than paid for itself over and over. Hands-down one of my favorite pieces of video gear." Thanks Doug! Here's one he put together of just moves he pulled off with the Aviator Travel Jib.

TechCrunch Covers the BMW i8 with Aviator Camera Gear

Stevo Long, video producer at TechCrunch shared his video coverage of the electric plug in hybrid BMW i8, shot in part with the Aviator Travel Jib and the Rocket Slider. Here's what he said: "Got to play around with my Aviator Camera Gear Travel Jib and the Slider for this awesome shoot. I also drove the follow car while John Murillo hung out the window haha!" Fun! Read the full article here: Check out the video and the car:  

From Ground to Air – Aviator Jib meets the US Air Force

Broadcast Journalist TSgt Nicholas Kurtz, United States Air Force, shared this impressive video he shot with the Aviator Travel Jib: "BLUE Episode 2- From Ground to Air." When I invented the Aviator Travel Jib it never occurred to me one day it would be used by the United States Air force. So to see it used to capture a pilot getting into the cockpit of one of the newest, most advanced airplanes ever created makes me feel pretty incredible. When asked what Kurtz thought of using the Aviator Travel Jib he said, "It was my first time using ANY jib. Very easy to set up and get amazing footage right away. Thanks for a great product!" He told me they're putting together a BTS of them shooting on the flightline with the Aviator. I can't wait to see it! Check out the full episode:

Aviator Rocket Travel Slider Review by Videomaker Magazine

Videomaker Magazine gives the Rocket Travel Slider a great review! The Aviator Rocket Slider is a high quality, professional, and innovative camera slider system that allows you to use various lengths of available conduit pipe to change the length of your slider rails and remain portable. --Videomaker Magazine ... the Aviator Rocket Travel Slider is well built and can serve a number of various needs at your next film shoot. --Videomaker Magazine Read the full review here:

Aviator Travel Jib Heads To Sequoia National Forest

The folks over at The Muir Project sent me this beautiful piece and said they enjoyed using their Aviator Travel Jib on a recent trip to the Sequoia National Forest. This is the perfect example of a situation where you wouldn't have been able to get jib shots just a few years ago. Thanks to the light weight and pro features of The Aviator Travel Jib, now you can. Watch the video below.

Cupcakes, Bamboo City, and The Aviator Travel Jib

Sean Liliani, incredibly talented filmmaker and reporter for Canada's The Globe and Mail, sent over the latest videos he's produced with the help of the Aviator Travel Jib and Rocket Slider dolly. First we have a 30 second spot Sean made of beautiful bamboo houses in Bali. Sean said, "The Aviator Travel Jib was really great for giving a sense of space with those interior shots." This 3+min short doc also shot in Bamboo City (Bali) is packed with beautiful Aviator Jib shots. It's also a fascinating mini doc. Check it out.   Here's a link to a story he shot about a cupcake entrepreneur, using his Aviator Camera Gear to help get some really nice looking establishing shots. Sean told me he loves his Aviator Camera Gear. Well we love his filmmaking! Great work, Sean. Thanks for sharing! If you'd like to share work you've made with your Aviator Camera Gear go here and get in touch.

Award Winning Filmmaker Loves Travel Jib & Rocket Slider

Mike Snyder, award winning filmmaker from Interdependent Pictures shot this music video that almost exclusively used the Aviator Travel Jib and Rocket Slider combo. Mike said, "The setup was a dream to work with." Thanks Mike!

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