Anthony Arendt – Aviator Camera Gear Pro Team Member

Anthony Arendt was the camera operator on the mega hit AVATAR. For over 3 1/2 years Anthony worked side by side James Cameron, from the very beginning, to the very end of production. ” It was overwhelming at times. Everyone around me had at least 1 academy award, and the technology was so new we were making it up as we went along most of the time. James is a perfectionist, it really kept you on your toes 24-7.”

Of course Anthony didn’t start out working with one Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers of all time. Anthony’s passion for the cinematic arts started early. At age 15 he bought a used Nikkormat camera with a 24mm lens from a consignment window from Boulevard camera in Santa Monica, Ca. For the next 5 years if you saw Anthony, you saw that camera strapped around his shoulder. From action shots at local skateboard parks, and surfing at Malibu’s finest, to head shots, and Testing Models at the local LA modeling agency’s . Nothing was off limits. “It was the best way to learn. Shoot everything in every condition possible with every film possible, pretty soon all the technology you were so afraid of, became just another paintbrush to pull out of the ever growing paintbox.

Growing up in Malibu, California surrounded by the industry, it was probably inevitable that Anthony would migrate from stills to the cinematic arts of the Hollywood film industry. through the years Anthony has been fortunate to learn from some of Hollywood’s greatest cinematographers and Directors.

From that teen with the Nikkormat chasing skateboards, to the world class DOP he has become this present day, its the passion, adrenalin, the
willingness to be different in pursuit of cinematic excellence that will define him for years to come.

Find more of Anthony’s heart racing work at his website

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