Alabama Wedding Videographer Stands Out with The Aviator Travel Jib

Alabama Wedding Videographer Ben Allen was looking for an edge to help him stand out in a crowded market. That’s why he put his money on The Aviator Travel Jib and went to work.

Ben has been putting his Aviator Travel Jib in action for almost a year now. So what does he think about integrating it into his wedding shoots? Here’s what he said, “After searching the web endlessly looking through review after review I kept coming back to the Aviator Travel Jib. Starting out as an amateur  videographer in my area I was looking for that ‘One Thing’ that would set me apart. ‘One Thing’ that could take my productions to new levels. I know that it takes skill and practice to truly master a craft. Photography and Videography are no different. However having the right tools makes it a lot easier! So that ‘One Thing’ ended up being able to capture shots that no one else in my area was doing.

“I remember the excitement I felt when I unboxed the Aviator Travel Jib! I remember how easy it was to setup, how easy it was for me to hike out to a local stream and start shooting. Within Minutes I was capturing sweeping boom movements from the surface of the running water to the tips of green tree leaves. I was using the Jib to pan and follow the local kayakers as they floated downstream.  People walking the trail were so interested because they had never seen something like that out in the woods hovering over the water’s edge.

“I know that when I show up to a shoot whether indoors or out and unpack my gear  the Aviator Travel Jib is that ‘One Thing’ that gets the most attention, it gets the best and most unforgettable shots. Folks always comment on how cool it is and how neat it is that I just pulled a huge ‘crane’ out of a little bag.  I enjoy the attention but I really enjoy the results.  So even on short day trips, extended vacations, weddings, commercials or live events the Aviator Travel jib does a fantastic job of making sure the ‘One Thing’ you capture is truly unique and amazing!”

Thanks Ben!

Check out one of Ben’s recent wedding videos, it’s hard to believe he’s only been shooting for a short time:

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Dutch Gangster Rap Music Video The Aviator Travel Jib and The F Word MoVI + Aviator Travel Jib + Convertible Car = Nice!
Dutch Gangster Rap Music Video The Aviator Travel Jib and The F Word
MoVI + Aviator Travel Jib + Convertible Car = Nice!